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Spiral Wind Chime

Spiral Wind Chime

SKU: 364215376135191

wind chime forged from 3/4 x 1/4 inch flat steel bar: top of each spiral is rounded, bottom of the spiral is tapered to a slightly round point, coated with boiled linseed oil for weather resistance and to add a deeper shade of black to the metal. center piece is pine hand cut from a dried section of a branch, it was treated with a mixture of turpentine and pine tar to give a rich color and reduce the posibility of checking in the grain, it features a riveted steel band that was applied while red hot and then shrank around it by quenching it in cold water providing a very tight fit. cords are made of 1/8 inch brown leather.


    while this wind chime is built to last unfortunatly nothing in life is permenant, I will be providing a 5 year warenty. I anticipate that it will last a lifetime however changes in temperature and humidity can affect the leather cords. semi regular maintenance will enshure that this is something that can be part of your home for generations, an occasional wipe down with some natural oil (preferably neatsfoot oil or mink oil) is all this piece will need. 


    if this item is damaged in shipping please reach out to me as soon as possible so i can exchange it for you.  I do not normaly give refunds, it is typically exchange only but if you feel that i should make an exception reach out to me and we will work something out. 


    items will be shipped via usps, if you can not recive a package through usps and need a different carrier please let me know in the order details, UPS and fedex are both fine with me. 

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